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bulletin d'adhésion 20234

Joining the association

An association is, first and foremost, a project supported by its members. As such Le Chemin Sauvage will be happy to count on your material and moral support.

Cotisations 2024 (per calendar year) :

  • 15 € (individual)
  • € 20 for couples
  • € 10 for welfare beneficiaries and students
  • € 30 for local authorities, companies, associations

Pour adhérer, rien de plus simple, cliquez sur le bouton ci-dessous pour adhérer en ligne :

Project origin

Just awesome !… or How to break away from your routine?

Straight from the mouth of Sophie Chanvril who, in 2017, hiked the Pacific Crest Trail (PCTa classified trek to the West of the USA, a 4,260 km route, from the Mexican border to the Canadian border, in other words 5 months of an extraordinary experience in the wild !

On her return, she dreamt of creating a “Chemin Sauvage” (Wild Trail), inspired by the PCT, crossing our country, a hiking trail far from the major cities.

Goal of our association

As per article 2 of the association statutes, the goal of our association is to identify and propose the crossing of deepest rural France along two routes, off the beaten track, in the form of trek and bivouac, in order to discover hyper-rurality.

You’ve guessed, our association is not a hiking club !

The vocation of our association is not to organise excursions for its members or to supervise hikers, during the week or even at weekends.

Our members hail from all over the world, and many may never get to meet the Bureau members…

To keep it short, most of them love the freedom of discovering, by themselves, a natural and, as yet, unspoilt environment !  





Individual contacts

Association organisation chart and contacts :

Jean-Paul LE DUAULT, chairman

Michel VIGNAL, vice-chairman and secretary

Sophie CROZIER, treasurer

Élisabeth AVRIL, deputy-secretary

As well as :

  • A Communications officer (Jean-Paul),
  • A Website administrator (Maxime)
  • A Social Networks administrator (Sophie)
  • An administrator of the Application dedicated to “Le Chemin Sauvage”
  • A regional contact for "Brittany" (Jean-Paul),
  • A regional contact for "Pays de Loire" (Dominique),
  • A regional contact for "Centre Val de Loire & Nouvelle Aquitaine",
  • A regional contact for "Occitanie",
  • A regional contact for "Auvergne" (Michel),
  • A regional contact for " Bourgogne",
  • A regional contact for "Grand Est",

Any question ?


Association « Le Chemin Sauvage, trek et bivouac en France »
6, rue des 3 Frères Merlin • 22000 Saint-Brieuc
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