Practical information

LCS way-marking (along the route)

The sections of the Le Chemin Sauvage route already way-marked by the F.F.Randonnée and/or by other local structures will not (in theory) be way-marked by our association. The sections specific to Le Chemin Sauvage will be way-marked as follows, using :

A set of printed signs

A set of stencils

FFRandonnée way-marking

The FFRandonnée proposes :

The full crossing of the Pyrenees (GR10)

Saint-Guilhem trail (GR6*)

Stevenson’s trail (GR70)

Crossing the Massif Central via the Parks (GR7)

Ways of Saint James way-marking

  • When they do not follow a GR® (or a GRP®), the Ways of Saint James, with an aim to continuity, coherence and legibility, are way-marked under the same conditions as GR® (or GRP®) but in blue and yellow.

  • When they follow a GR® (or GRP®), the Ways of Saint James are way-marked with their standardised European emblem.

Trails of Mont-Saint-Michel way-marking

The Mont-Saint-Michel trails are way-marked in cyan blue, accompanied by the Association’s logo.

The Mont-Saint-Michel trails often follow Grande Randonnée® trails (GR®), Grandes Randonnée de Pays® trails (GRP®), and Promenade et Randonnée® trails (PR®). To avoid confusion, you will only find on these trails the logo of the association, together with the way-marking and official signposting of the Fédération Française de la Randonnée.

To go further

Like other Grande Randonnée trails, Le "Chemin Sauvage" a décidé, à terme, de mettre à disposition des trekkeurs qui le souhaitent, la possibilité d'enregistrer leur passage dans les communes traversées.

Favorables au "zéro papier", nous proposerons un dematerialised "Trekker’s Log Book"..

Trekkers registered on our site, who have downloaded our application, will find in their Trekker’s Log Book the name and coat-of-arms of the commune they pass through, whenever they have registered with it there.

We recommend the excellent website « Randonner malin » by François Jourjon, who shares with you technical tips and useful tricks for hiking, to ensure your route is as enjoyable and safe as possible: